Kids Rock, Inc. and Saban Entertainment shoot on Stage A


This is a partial list of Laurel Canyon Stages clients.  Clients who want to be added to the list should let us know.  If you are considering becoming a client you might enjoy looking through our photo album. Clients wishing to submit photos for possible publication in the photo album should contact us.


Immigrant Films

Johns and Gorman Films, Inc.

Johnson and Murply Productions

Keystone Studios

Knights of Good Productions

MTV Networks

Oil Factory

Oracle Films

Discovery Channel

Oracle Films

Penn Bright Entertainment

Playboy Entertainment

Power Rangers


Route 66 Productions

Transition Films

Universal Studios

Warner Brothers Studios

Zoo Film Productions, Inc.


From an interview with J.D. Disalvatore on the making of Landfall, published in Effects Special magazine.

"I can't stress enough how wonderful the stages were that we chose - Laurel Canyon Stages.  As you can imagine, this was a really big set with a lot of volatile elements.  It went so smoothly.  Initially when searching for stages, I contacted all the big effects stages I had worked with before and they were either too pricey, not large enough and/or did not have the appropriate resources for such and effect. 

Laurel Canyon Stages were a find.  Previously they had only accommodated smaller films and television projects.  They were conveniently located, easy to work with and they gave us incredible support.  The stage we rented was humongous.  The water pumps had a great spot just outside the stage doors, there was an expansive lighting grid, and the drainage was more than adequate.  They also had a good stock of lighting and grip equipment when we needed to rent additional items on the spot.  Plus we had a whole row of offices conveniently located right off the stage.   This not only housed our production manager and his staff, but also had air conditioned storage for our miniatures, a camera room, and expansive kitchen for CRAFT service and a great room for our clients to relax in."

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